Objavio/la: Sara Jurčić, 02.03.2015.

Colorful little troupe of volunteers!

Dear all!

Thank you for sending your applications. Because of a big number of applicants, we decided to invite six volunteers instead of four.


Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 12.02.2015.

7th ETNOFILm festival – call for volunteers

The Ethnographic Museum of Istria is pleased to invite all young students of anthropology, ethnology, sociology, media and other social and humanities sciences to join in making the 7th International Ethnographic film festival –ETNOFILm in Rovinj, Croatia (23.-25.4.2015). The deadline for applying is 25.02.2015!

ETNOFILm Festival is a platform for the promotion of ethnographic film and the system of categorization of the films in the competition is indicative of Festival’s diversity. On one hand, a production of ethnographic film is encouraged in the strictest disciplinary sense of the word – meaning films whose authors are trained ethnologists/anthropologists – and on the other hand, the Festival also affirms non-disciplinary films and a heterogenic approach to the filed. (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 22.10.2014.

Applications for the 7th ETNOFILm ended

The applications for this year’s ETNOFILm festival officially ended. Thanks to all the authors who applied total of 120 films in categories of professional ethnologists and anthropologists, the ones who are not professional, as well as students.

Now it’s up to the selectors who will choose films for every category in the competitive programe of ETNOFILm festival.

7th ETNOFILm festival, this year also organized by Ethnographic museum of Istria, will be traditionally held in Rovinj from the 23rd until the 25th of April 2015. Besides the screenings, the additional content brings us visiting authors, a workshop, master classes and other accompanying programs.

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 11.09.2014.

Open call for entries for 7th ETNOFILm

Call for entries for the 7th ETNOFILm – the international festival of ethnographic film – is opened from 10th of September until the 20th of October 2014. The submission for the 7th ETNOFILm can be made by both amateur and professional ethnologists, anthropologists and filmmakers with innovative approaches to different cultural phenomena and everyday life. All applicant`s submissions will be categorized in three different groups: works of professional ethnologists and anthropologists, student works and amateur ones. These categories show that there are two sides of the ETNOFILm festival – more narrow professional one, but also wider and more opened interdisciplinary research side. (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 27.04.2014.

6th ETNOFILm festival ended – the manifestiation connected the city of Rovinj

After three days 6th ENTOFILm festival was brought to an end. Lasting from April 24th – 26th it hosted 25 international documentaries, a lecture, an exhibition and musical program and it was held in several locations in Rovinj – Multimedia centre, theatre Gandusio and Center for visual arts Batana. Ethno ensemble Čipkice closed the festival with their concert. (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 26.04.2014.

Films, lecture and music program for the last day of 6th ETNOFILm festival

We begin the last ETNOFILm festival day in the Multimedia center in Rovinj at 11 am with a movie “So close to silence” by a Portugal author Arlindo Horte. It marks the space between memory and social oblivion by following the routine of an amateur theatre group made up of refugees and asylum seekers in Portugal.

At 1 pm the film “Mula, roots binded together” by Sabina Mikelić will follow. With the first frames, the author tries to picture a handover of her mother’s and father’s books and gives the end view of that heritage. In order to express gratitude to her parents and somehow bid goodbye to all that they represent, she spends some time with her artist mother and a worker father. The program will continue with a Russian film “Bread for birds” by Aleksandra Strelyanaya It talks about how much could be heard in a desert village in autumn.  (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 25.04.2014.

6th ETNOFILm festival oficially started, get ready for the second day

Another edition of ETNOFILm festival was opened in Multimedia centre in Rovinj, a festival which showcases most recent ethnographic documentaries for the sixth consecutive year and is followed by a rich programe.

This year’s edition was opened by vice mayor of the city of Rovinj, Marino Budicin, and the director of Ethnographic museum of Istria, Lidija Nikočević, who is also the organizer of the festival. The both emphasized the importance of ETNOFILm for the cultural offer of the city as well as for recording and interpretation of non material culture.

Director of ETNOFILm festival Tamara Nikolić Đerić added that the festival is very important for the culture, but also for movie production in the international sense. “I am especially glad to hear that the festival is being recognized not only as a manifestation which promotes recording and the omportance of interpretating the cultural heritage, but also in the context of developing the film culture.” (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 23.04.2014.

6th ETNOFILm festival starts in Rovinj soon

6th ETNOFILm festival, organized by Ethnographic museum of Istria starts on April 24th in the Multimedia centre and presents 22 films of world ethnographic documentary production with a goal to open a dialogue between cultures. With its main events in the Multimedia centre, festival will also be held in the Centre for visual arts Batana as well as the city theatre Gandusio and it will give the city of Rovinj its mark. (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 21.03.2014.

West African rhythms for beginners – ETNOFILm music workshop applications prolonged until March 31st

In association with ETNOFIlm festival from April 24 – 26 there will be a music workshop that promotes instruments of West African culture as well as multiculture and alternative musical culture. Application deadline is prolonged until March 31st. (more…)

Objavio/la: Monika Marušić, 12.03.2014.

ETNOFILm music workshop – West African rhythms for beginners

In association with ETNOFIlm festival from April 24 – 26 2014 there will be a music workshop that promotes instruments of West African culture as well as multiculture and alternative musical culture. (more…)

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