Published by: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, 09.04.2019.

Ethnographic drawing in the public space

During this year’s ETNOFILm festival two workshops will take place, the first being the Ethnographic drawing in the public space. The workshop is conceived as a team ethnographic experiment focusing on selected segments (zones and points) of the Rovinj public space.

Visual-anthropological methods of recording everyday life with drawings are the starting point of research based on author and diary approaches. The drawing is understood at the same time as a means of autoreflection and as an immediate way of analyzing or interpreting the surrounding social context as the way of positioning the drawers in the public space. The workshop is structured as a four-day fieldwork. Experimental drawings tasks are designed didactically and in small steps introduce different formal and substantive elements of the drawing and open the perception of the phenomenon of Rovinj’s everyday life. Special emphasis is on teamwork. Drawing technique and experience are not a prerequisite for participation in the workshop.

Leaders: Bojan Mucko and Lucija Ostrogović
Workshop Duration: 23.04. – 27.04.2019.
Venue: Coworking Rovinj-Rovigno

The workshop takes place in cooperation with the FARO 11 association.
Applications to the workshop are open until 15.04.2019.
Short motivation text (up to 250 words) to send to: [email protected]

Students of anthropology, art history, art academies and related disciplines have the priority.
Participation in the workshop is free. Participants are provided with accommodation, while the costs of the trip are borne by themselves.

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