BARITON TRIO


Band Bariton Trio relies on melodic and colour playing and improvising. The baritone guitar, the band’s signature, contributes to this musical direction due to its special sonicity that seeks more to shape melodies than to construct abstract sound lines.

The music created by the Bariton Trio, then, becomes a sound magnet for listeners of various music genres. Alongside Ivan Kapec’s original pieces, the trio also performs Pink Floyd, Nick Cave and Kurt Weil’s hits.










Ivan Kapec – guitarist and composer

Ivan has founded the Bariton Trio in 2001, having since recorded two albums. He has founded the multimedia group TrianguliZona, with whom he has performed at numerous festivals. Since 2009, he has been leading the jazz band Capisconne electro unity.

Luka Veselinović – double bassist, bass guitarist, arranger, composer and artist

Former Berkley College of Music graduate, Luka has worked with many eminent musicians and has been chosen to play in All Star jazz band.

Borko Rupena – drums

Borko started being seriously interested in improvised music and American jazz culture after moving to Zagreb to pursue his studies. There, he met his great colleague, mentor and friend, Kruno Levačić, who has then proven to be a big influence on Borko’s approach to music. He has since played with numerous renowned jazz artists. He is active in several projects, such as 4in3 + 1, Sonic Diptych, Atma Mundi Ensemble.

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