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Alexander Hick
Colombia, Germany
90 min

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Alexander Hick studied Fine Arts in Munich and in Barcelona and Documentary Films in Munich (HFF) and Mexico City (CCC). He is a mountain guide and cofounded Flipping the coin, a Berlin based artist collective. ”Scorched Water” was his first feature documentary. His films and media installations successfully screened at International Film Festivals (Zurich Filmfestival, Morelia Filmfestival, Visions du reel, Leipzig Dokfest, Filmfest Munich, Dokfest Munich, FICCI Cartagena) and museums (Macba, Haus der Kunst, Pinakothek der Moderne).

For the first time in their history the Arhuacos invited a filmmaker to visit the most remote communities and sacred sites in the heartland of their territory. ”Thinking like a Mountain” tells the story of resistance and preservation of nature, which is a voyage through space and time. The cosmogony specific to this territory and its people has been preserved due to the self imposed isolationism of the Arhuacos, but a solemn history of violence is progressively drawn out through the film brought on by the changing political and spiritual landscape. In a thought provoking and pointed manner the film explores the colliding of two cultures and portraits indigenous life in the 21th century where isolationism seems to vanish, just like the glacier held sacred by its people.

Original language: Chibcha, Spanish, German

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