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Rafa Calil
88 min

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Rafa Calil graduated in film studies. In 2008 he founded Duo2, where he acts as a director and producer of documentary series for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Viacom, Turner, History Channel, etc. He has recently directed a series he created for National Geographic called ”Em Busca das Cobras” (Seeking Snakes), which is currently available. His first feature documentary ”Forest People” exploring the legacy of Chico Mendes is a co-production with Globo Filmes and has premiered on NYC Climate Week and FICASC (a Brazilian Environmental Film Festival). Rafa Calil is currently working on the project called ”Invisible Forest”.

The project was inspired by the principles defended by Brazilian forest activist Chico Mendes. Chico, known as the “Master Forester”, was assassinated in 1988 for defending the Amazonian Rainforest and organising the ”Forest Alliance” between rubber harvesters, indigenous people and river communities in Brazil. ”Forest People” is the documentary about a community of rubber
tappers that has managed to both make a living and be effective guardians of a natural reserve in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest for over 30 years.
Original language: Portuguese



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