In the Authors’ talk we will present Rafa Calil, author of the film ”Forest People” and Alexander Hick, author of the film ”Thinking like a Mountain”. The Talk will be moderated by Jorijn Neyrinck (Workshop intangible cultural heritage) and Tamara Nikolić Đerić (senior curator and ETNOFILm festival director).

Authors’ talk will take place on 13th November, from 3 to 4 p.m. (Central European Time).

You can register for the Authors’ talk by clicking on the following link…/tJcrce2vrDkoHNAFsOKbyzfldDAsRCsLQalm


Jorijn Neyrinck is a comparative anthropologist. She coordinates the organization Workshop intangible heritage since 2003 (called tapis plein until 2017), taking a lead in the field from the onset regarding development and network cooperation around safeguarding ICH. Jorijn acts as an active cultural broker and independent expert, bridging between ICH communities, policy makers, civil servants, institutions, NGOs, civil society…

Jorijn is Vice-President of the Flemish Commission for Unesco in Belgium, a trained facilitator for the UNESCO 2003 Convention, and member in the 2003 Convention’s Evaluation Body from 2020 until 2023. Jorijn further has a soft spot for ‘world cinema’ and visual anthropology. She was for many years co-curating the programme of Cinema Novo Filmfestival in Belgium (now Mooov).


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