ETNOFILm festival was born in 2009 and organised since then by the Ethnographic museum of Istria- Croatia as a platform for documenting, interpreting, sharing, (re)discovering and promoting living heritage by means of visual anthropology as a methodological frame. The methodology implies visual narrative instruments which question power relations between ‘professionals’ and ‘public and/or film subjects’ and promote innovative solutions in ethical representations of living heritage through film.

Aware of the many emergencies (pandemics, forced migrations, climate change…) people and therefore cultures are facing, the Ethnographic museum of Istria through its ETNOFILm festival project started a programme addressing these emergencies. This year’s festival offers three Croatian film premieres addressing issues related to climate change. We aim to explore how traditional culture copes with climate change and what is there to learn from living heritage (traditional practices) for a more sustainable future.

By going online, we wish to continue our effort in bringing people together, making living heritage more visible and offer a platform for communities and groups of practitioners/bearers to express and share their knowledge, skills and values.

This years’ programme is curated by Tamara Nikolić Đerić and Sandra Urem


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